Marine Electrical Services

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Why Us?

At Michaels Marine Electric, we offer a wide array of equipment related to your boat’s AC / DC electrical systems.  Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed all USCG regulations and ABYC standards.  We also perform troubleshooting, modification, design and repair of most marine electrical systems.

Our primary service area includes all of Southern New Jersey from Manasquan on the east to Bordentown on the west, along the Delaware River and down the coast to Cape May.  We also service select areas on the Chesapeake Bay traveling as far south as Georgetown, Maryland.

What We Offer

We offer professional design / sales / installations and service in the following fields:

  • AC Electrical Systems,  DC Electrical Systems (and all related devices and appliances)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Waste Treatment

Contact Us

Phone:  609-476-3233

AC / DC Electric

Here at MICHAELS your safety and comfort are of paramount importance. We look at your electrical systems with an eye towards your safety whenever we are on board. All of your equipment should be functional and you should be knowledgeable in their proper use. Our ABYC certified technicians are completely familiar with all recommended practices and procedures for electrical refits, upgrades and maintenance.

We offer complete marine AC / DC electrical system designs for refits and new construction. We work with you to bring your ideas to life. You can be as involved with the process as you like.

We work to ensure you understand how to operate the various components of your AC & DC systems. We feel the more you know about the "Why – How & Where" of your systems, the better equipped and prepared you will be to face anything you might encounter while at sea. Coupled with our professional service and workmanship you'll be ready.

Air Conditioning

We offer complete new system designs and perform installations and upgrades. MICHAELS offers the complete Dometic line of marine air conditioning / refrigeration products. Over the course of 25 years you learn a few things. We have learned that you can count on the reliability of the products themselves and professional factory / dealer support should the need arise no matter where in the world you go.

When it comes to your boat's climate control we are equipped to service any manufacturers' brand of marine air conditioning / refrigeration equipment. Our ABYC certified technicians are qualified to service all. Many times we have the part you need in stock. If your system can be responsibly repaired – we will repair it. Yes we like to sell new equipment – but only when you actually need new equipment.

We offer the following products: